/ Attentions


1、Prevent the gear motors from shock and vibration during installation.

2、When the reducer forced:

  (1) Pay attention to concertricity, parallelism, tension and other factors, when motor connected with belt/chain.

  (2) Protect your hands from the keyway on the output shaft.

  (3) While operation, it is forbidden to touch the output shaft directly or to wound other things on it.

3、Do not press the output shaft directly without any measures when mounting structure.

4、Do not rotate the output shaft by brute force to avoid gear damage.

5、Try to avoid locked-rotor during use.

6、The torque of the output shaft should under the allowable torque, otherwise something wrong will happened, such as bolt loosening, shake and break.

7、Not alllow disassembly and reassembly the reducer, otherwise we cannot guarantee the performance.

8、Stop immediately, when abnormal, such as harsh noise, abnormal vibrarion, abnormal heat.

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